a Pathfinder 2nd Edition Actual Play Podcast

The Pathfinder Society, established for over 400 years, is one of the largest adventuring organizations in Golarion. Agents across the lands put their lives on the line to discover, research, and protect ancient knowledge, magical, and artifacts. 

Join the story of four new Pathfinder Society Junior Agents as they try protect a new stash of magical relics from enemies near and far.

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The Story So Far...

The four Pathfinder Society initiates have been given the special offer of a group confirmation! If they can travel to Cassomir and find the fungus leshy, Rain in Cloudy Day, and help him complete his own, they will become official Pathfinder Society Agents!

Meet the Agents

Maggie GeckleDeckle 

Gnome Bard

Maggie knows a little about a lot. Was a pillar in her community and loved by all. Arthur would help Timms the butcher if they were down a hand, Maggie would pitch in at every school event, town fair, the local bakery always asked her for new recipe ideas and together they hosted many dinners. Their home was always filled with the sound of hearty laughter, beer glasses clinking and the warm crackling glow of the fireplace.


Leshy Kineticist

Dave is obsessed with anything and everything plant related. Besides taking whatever mushroom he finds and getting stoned on whatever plant may be available, he loves to deep dive into plant lore to willing or even unwilling parties while forgetting the original topic at hand.

Created by a stoned druid who got lost in the woods, he decided on his name because "I just like....sounds cool man."

Dave strives daily to right the wrongs he sees in the world. His reason for adventuring, apart from meeting new and interesting plant life, is to be a force for good in a world where there isn't enough of it.

Photo coming soon!


Hobgoblin Swashbuckler

Tac is focused on order and hierarchy. He's trying to claim his place at the top. If people step out of the order he feels should be in the world he will try to put them back in line.

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Vola Thornshadow

Orc Ruffian

Vola is a force to be reckoned with. A thief in a former life, she's determined to make amends and to prove that even those who have fallen from grace can find a path to redemption.

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Maggie character art by Rafaela'Arts 

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